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July 26, 2008



Pretty sure I beat you on Saturday. Despite the Chron/SFGate open time of 7am, they really open at 8. At 7:45 I was the second in line as they frantically delivered the good and set up shop. By the time they served me at 7:55, there were 4 people in line. I'm betting they run out in the early afternoon. Thought the donut were great though. The salt on the fleur de sel wasn't pronounced, however.


No doubt you did beat me to it, Emily, which is why I was careful to say "among the first." Although I set out to write this blog for myself and my nearest and dearest, there are some pretty competitive food freaks out there -- and I mean that as a loving compliment, of course.

Glad you enjoyed the donuts -- although apparently the fleur de sel was not only not pronounced, but also misspelled. (Sorry, Dynamo. I restrained myself earlier, but Emily busted the door wide open.)

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