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August 25, 2007


lizelle green

With the little free time I have these days, this is one the few blogs that I stop to enjoy. Inspiring, yes. But, more importantly, your prose make me smile. Keep it up Ms. Food Writer. I'm reading.


Thanks so much, Lizelle! FYI, the feeling is mutual. I especially enjoy your beautiful photography.

Ryan Tate

Hey Laura, I thought about that myself as I wrote it, because it's sort of a tautology -- if I link to something someone has written about food, then by definition they are a food writer, even if they have a day job (as you clearly do). I can see how it might be misleading though so I'm thinking about revising it.

BUT, I do agree with Lizelle that you should be proud of the blog, and if you called yourself a food writer I think it'd be accurate.

Oh, and sorry for the "bust," just know I personally continue to eat and love far worse things than Sysco fries cooked by Thomas Keller, so, as the guy who sells me pastries told me the other day, "no one's judging you!" :->


Thanks so much, Ryan! Despite what the tone of this post might suggest, I'm thoroughly flattered.

In fact, I'm hoping you won't alter your post. To your point it wouldn't make yours any more accurate, but it would render this post much less so.

I also agree with you that there are many worse things to be busted for. Maybe you'll read about them here soon ;-)

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