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April 27, 2007



it's interesting to note that the space is relatively small and the kitchen is right there. you wonder where the heck the server could be galavanting off to...

the food is pretty good though... they cook a juicy and well-seasoned burger.


Mmmm...I love a good burger. I'll have to go back!

Marc Sicard

Hello Ms. Laura,

I'm not sure why I bumped into your review on the Salt house in SF since I live in Ottawa, Canada and what exactly prompted me to contact you. Maybe I found it intriguing to read a review on Poutine and that it made it's way in your beautiful area.

There are very little chances I would eat a Poutine outside the Province of Qu├ębec or New Brunswick where it was ''invented'' as cheese curds are quite as local enterprise.

Poutine is make with French fries, gravy and cheese curds usually. Good French Fries and gravy is not really hard to do; But finding the perfect cheese curds is quite hard. They need to squeak like rubber under the teeth, be firm but have a very gentle salty taste. They melt very slowly. The taste of poutine is nothing complex (compared to other French dish, it's a disgrace) and yes it clogs your artery. Thanks for drinking any dark sodas to ensure a good internal wash. The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal make deluxe poutine where the fries are russet, fried in duck fat, covered with Brie. Not exactly a typical poutine.

Anyway, have a wonderful day.

Marc Sicard

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